En-vi-sion: To picture in the mind; imagine possible.

Over the last three years, women living with disabilities and physical differences took part in arts-based workshops. Workshop activities and discussions explored identity and the meaning we find in our experiences. How do we want to be seen? What is important to us?

Visual images shape how we see the world. Stories have the power to change how we view and understand many things: our identity, our body image, our own experience of difference. Sharing personal stories and alternative images is an important part of creating change.

How does art change perceptions of disability and difference? See for yourself.

The photography workshops put cameras in the hands of the participants who used them to capture images related to self-representation. Women also had the opportunity to make their own digital story to capture their perspective on life with a disability or difference. (Digital stories are 2 – 3 minute autobiographical videos that use still images, short video clips, and sound recordings. For more information see The Center for Digital Storytelling.)

The result is the dynamic multimedia Envisioning exhibit featuring 34 photographs and 12 digital stories. By creating their art, women use the power of image to share their life experiences, expertise, and imagination.

The images and stories also ask others to explore their own response to diverse bodies, appearances and experiences.

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